Luzigás is committed to help you have a good experience with your meter readings.


Just send it

You can benefit with a 10€ discount on your invoice, just send us your meter readings along a period of 12 months. By sending the readings, you’ll get an accurate billing.

To whom does it apply?

To all of those who become Luzigás clients and our current clients, whom tariff is Savings + in any cycle (Simple, Bi-Hourly e Tri-Hourly).


How do I join LuziGás?

Other Conditions

The 10€ credit is given on the 13th electricity invoice. If the value of your invoice is lower than the credit, it will be credited on the next months bill.

Send us your readings through the Digital Balcony or by phone. If you have any doubts, reach us by the number 808 203 825 or by email at geral@luzigas.pt, we are here to help you.

This campaign is online until December 31st 2017.
If you are not a Luzigás client, join now without any cost  here, or by 808 203 825. Luzigás will carry all the process of change with your current supplier.

Send us your readings.