Energy Audit

Discover where to save on your energy consumption

Energy Efficiency has become an important factor between organisations. To fulfil this objective, energy audits allow you to monitor your consumption and find where you can save on your electricity bill.

Energy Audit Stages

1Data collecting regarding your installation

2Detailed report of your company's consumptions

3Diagnostic and analysis of opportunities to optimize

4Execute saving measures

The European Community and our National Government, set up regularly and at companies disposal, financial aids to promote energetic efficiency. The basis for your company’s eligibility for this kind of aid is performing a energy audit to your institution

Luzigás puts at your disposal an experienced technical team, that will perform a detailed analysis to your energy consumption and give you a perspective of available community aids to promote efficiency, identification of actions and measures for a more efficient and racional energy use in order to reduce electricity bills in your company.

We can call and schedule with you to perform a energy audit