Solar Energy

Discover a solution for auto-consumption

A solar panel is made by a group of photovoltaic cells that produce electricity from the most powerful energy source in the world, the sun. This solution to produce electricity through a solar source allows you to produce your own electricity, for your home or company, reducing significantly the consumptions costs with your provider.

1Solar Energy is captured and transformed into electricity (direct current - DC)

2Direct current (DC) is converted into alternating current (AC) through the inverter.

3When the system generates more electricity than its consumed, it goes into credit with your provider.

LuzigásPhotovoltaic System

Reduce your electricity bill
Investment return
Our proposal includes installation of the module, inverter and fixing structure
The install is made by qualified professionals so that the client can benefit photovoltaic auto-consumption without worries.
The longevity of the equipment allows a minimal production performance of 90% up to 12 years and 80% up to 25 years.

We can call and schedule with you the install of the solar system





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