Energy Sector

What does the electricity distributor do?

This company is the owner of the meter and the network that connects your home. IT should assure the correct functioning of its energy to the end users.

Who is REN?

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais has a contract with the Portuguese State, having the obligation to assure the uninterrupted supply of both electricity and gas in Portugal (mainland), meeting cost, quality and safety standards established by competent entities.

Who is the distributor in my area?

For electricity distribution the responsible company is EDP Distribuição.
As for gas distribution is made by different companies differing on each region.

Who produces the electricity that i consume?

Producing companies are responsible to build the electricity within its production areas and transfer them the electricity network.
Thermal, Nuclear, Gas or Hydro Power Plants and production areas that use alternative / clean energies (eolic, solar, etc).

Who is ERSE?

Its the entity that regulares Electricity and Gas sectors. ERSE, through its activity regulates and inspects both sectors, assuring the consumers rights, interests and economical balance between companies.

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